Metal Steel Locker

Robusts and Strong, designed for heavy duty use and storage. Metal Lockers are the standard of the locker industry. Steel Metal Locker are available in a wide selection of compartment sizes, to suit the varying needs of different organisations.

From school locker to gym locker to employee locker. Whether your facility is a school, a health club or a business, the right locker will give your clients a feeling of security and demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a professional image.

Whether your project is a sports locker room, a set of school lockers, a locker room for your employees or a gym locker room, we are here to guide you.

Please look at the range of lockers that we carry

· Fully concealed door hinges that provide enhanced security

· Reinforcing stiffener behind doors for additional strength and rigidity

· Label holder incorporated into door for easy identification

· Ventilation slots for improved air-flow

· CAM-lock or latch lock

· Number combination locks (optional)

· 3mm thick heavy duty cam

· Rubber Buffer for noise reduction



All standard Metal Locker offer the following features:

External Dimensions

H1830 x W380 x D457mm

* All dimensions and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

We manufacture customised Metal Locker as well.

1 Tier Metal Locker

2 Tiers Metal Locker

3 Tiers Metal Steel Locker

4 Tiers Metal Steel Locker

6 Tiers Metal Steel Locker

8 Tiers Metal Steel Locker